Fathers Home

Fathers Home

Date : May 29, 2017



The Need for a fathers home was born on the success of MZB Mother home which was established in September 2014. Through the grace and blessing of the Almighty ALLAH (SWT) we have successfully completed this project in a mere 10 Months and on the 9th August 2017 Hzt ML Abbaas Ali Zuber Ali SHB opened the doors to MZB Fathers Home.

Taking Lessons from MZB Mother Home we have created this facility with state of the art technologies and even more comforts. Maintaining an Islamic Ethos and environment remains the key objective of all MZB Projects.

Madressa Zia-ul-Badr Fathers Home will be a home for Muslim men who need a place of comfort to stay in their old age where they can be cared for.

Outside Fathers Home

Building of Fathers Home